GDPR Compliance and UX Consequences

A main goal of GDPR is data protection by design. But we also want to encourage consent in order to enable service development. How can digital products get this balance right at the UI level?

In this video, Paul and Virginia describe their UXBristol workshop to help participants explore and critique approaches.

Lego Serious Play in UX

Lego Serious Play uses Lego bricks to enhance creative thinking and knowledge sharing through metaphors and storytelling. Originally developed for management and strategy, it has found countless applications, including user requirements and UX.

In this video, Patrizia Bertini describes her UXBristol workshop, in which she guided a play session to reveal latent knowledge and to bring new ideas to the table.

Interviewing Users

At its core, user experience work is about understanding the people who use our products and services. Good interviewing practices are essential to doing this well.

In this video interview, Adrian Howard gives an overview of his workshop exploring user interview techniques.

Short Talks

In our final session, UXBristol participants were invited to give short, quick fire talks. With five minutes each on the clock, six speakers shared their experiences…

Bias in Research

A small amount of bias is part of being a human with past experiences. But have you ever thought about how much of it you are bringing to your research projects? In this workshop, Emma Howell explored the role of bias in our research and ways to reduce its effect.

Designing Forgettable Experiences

In an Attention Economy, understanding how we forget is as important as knowing how we remember. Alastair Somerville helped workshop participants to map how we all remember and forget, and explored how to structure exciting future design with elements made to be forgotten.

Designing Voice Interactions

Conversational UIs will be the fifth interaction paradigm. After punch-cards, consoles, WIMP and touchscreens, voice and chat are destined to be the next digital frontier. In this session Craig Pugsley explored the entire conversational UI landscape…

Mapping Users’ Mental Models

When users are frustrated, dropping out or giving negative feedback, often the problem is that their mental models don’t match the designed systems.

In a hands-on workshop, Mariana Morris shared some case studies and provided practical techniques for identifying and mapping out users’ mental models.