Interviewing Users

At its core, user experience work is about understanding the people who use our products and services. Good interviewing practices are essential to doing this well.

Adrian Howard showed UXBristol participants how to interview people to discover their needs, desires, and pain points using a sequence of a rapid fire mock interviews. He outlined the basic techniques, mistakes to avoid, and lightweight analysis and synthesis techniques that work well in the collaborative environments many UX practitioners work in.


Unfortunately, we had a few technical problems with the audio during Adrian’s interview. Please turn the subtitles on if you are struggling to hear Adrian in the video.


About Adrian

Adrian Howard is passionate about building effective teams and great products as part of You’ll find him working with companies of all sizes — combining team coaching & teaching with hands on UX & development work.

With more than 25 years experience working as a developer, UX practitioner, team lead & coach he regularly teaches and speaks on integrating Lean, UX and Agile methods. You’ll often find him ranting in a corner of the bar about how agile, business and UX folk need to play nice together. Be kind and buy him whisky.