Walt Buchan – A simple method to give constructive design feedback

Feedback is important to the creative process. Discussing subjective topics can be time consuming, the results of discussion can be of variable quality, and ultimately divisive. Getting quick effective feedback is essential as cycles of iteration become more rapid.

This workshop will show you how to effectively share information and build consensus. Through practice in simulated feedback sessions you’ll learn simple techniques that enable you to facilitate participation in feedback, overcome barriers and build consensus. The techniques can be used in formal workshops and informally to support everyday critical thinking.

About Walt
Walt Buchan is super excited about the power of user research to evidence decision making. From strategic decisions to proposition features to industrial and interaction design, user research provides the insights to make products that people love. He’s a hands on user researcher who’s equally comfortable ferreting out user motivations and facilitating design workshops.

The last 20 years has seen Walt ping pong between the UK and New Zealand gaining experience as a new media designer, web producer, UX practitioner and user researcher. It’s all a bit different to his first job as a Cheesemaker back in Dorset in the 80s.