Patrizia Bertini – Lego Serious Play in UX

Lego Serious Play has been around for over 15 years. It’s a method that uses Lego bricks to enhance creative thinking and knowledge sharing through metaphors and storytelling. Originally developed for management and strategy, it has found countless applications, including user requirements and UX.

In this fun packed and hands on session, you will experience the method and learn the principles that make it so effective and engaging. We will be playing and you will see how powerful bricks can be to reveal latent knowledge and to bring new ideas to the table. Because hands know more than you know, and the overall experience will highlight how much building models and sharing stories can reveal new ideas and new hidden connection.

About Patrizia

Currently principal researcher at Intuit, Patrizia has been in the usability, accessibility, UX and CX world since 2000, moving between academia and industry, combining a genuine passion for research, methodologies, research design, and users. She has worked all over Europe, lecturing at various Italian and European universities on the value of the information society, accessibility, customer experience, and digital transformation.

Certified in the Lego Serious Play methodology in 2011, she has widely experimented and stretched the method, developing interviewing approaches derived from the method and experimenting on the potential of Lego bricks and creative methods for co-creation and participative design.