Emma Howell – Bias in research

A small amount of bias is part of being a human with past experiences. But have you ever thought about how much of it you are bringing to your research projects? Have you thought about all of the places it is coming from? And have you considered the impact this is having on your research, your findings, your reports and your designs?

In this workshop, we will explore the bias in our research. We will unpick all of the places it sneaks in – from the moment our research projects kick off, into our research sessions through to our final deliverables.

Once we have uncovered all of the places bias can creep into our projects, we will explore ways to reduce its effect. I want to create time and space for you to reflect on your own research biases and where they come from. I also want you to leave with a big bag of tricks to help you reduce the impact it has on your projects.

It’ll be fun…join me!

About Emma

Emma has 12 years of research experience, starting in academia before finding her way to crafting lovely digital stuff. She has a mixed bag of research experience. Her fave bits of research include:

She’s currently a Senior User Experience Consultant and Research Lead at cxpartners.