Chui Chui Tan – Designing for global audiences

Designing for global audiences: The whats, whys and hows

Whether or not the product you’re creating is currently only being sold in one country (e.g. the UK), it’s always crucial to design and build it with global audiences in mind.

Many businesses are convinced that designing for other markets means copying their successful business model in the home country. They believe that localisation is about translation. They design their products without properly understand what changes are needed and why they are needed.

This workshop is about changing these inaccurate perceptions. We will also explore different techniques you can use to understand and design for users in different markets.

Whether you’re a UX consultant, designer, developer or product manager, you will leave the session with practical tips on how you can go about designing for global audiences.

About Chui

Chui Chui started her UX career 12 years ago, working with organisations such as Spotify, Marriott, BBC, Google and Clarks, from initial research to design to developing multi-channel international strategies. She has founded Beyō Global, a consultancy which helps companies use market, user behavioural and cultural insights to design a better product and service for their customers (domestic and internationally). Chui Chui is also the author of the book International User Research, the editor at Smashing Magazine and a regular international speaker.