Brian Copeland – How to create a brand framework when your client hasn’t got one

Don’t you just love it when you’re trying to create a great UX solution for a client, you ask for their brand guidelines, and— if you are lucky — you get sent a document listing colours and minimum sizes for the logo. When I say love, I mean of course hate. To successfully create a great experience we need to know what the business believes in, what it is trying to achieve and how it should behave and speak.

This workshop will give you an overview of a brand framework, and a process to take your clients through, that will help you define what you need to do your job better. It should come in handy for those times when your client looks at you blankly when you ask “Have you got any brand guidelines?”.

About Brian

Brian Copeland is head of design and user experience at Living Map. Brian has been a designer for 22 years. With a degree in graphic design, he quickly jumped into digital during the dotcom boom. He’s worked on brand repositioning projects and after a decade in agencies he worked as a freelance consultant for the next 10 years; helping several small start-ups create simple and affordable brand frameworks. For the past few years he’s embraced user-centred design, moved into software product design and recently picked up a UXUK award. Now working at Living Map in Bath, Brian heads up a team of designers working across print and digital for places like The British Library, Kew Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Cleveland and Vancouver.