Ajara Pfannenschmidt – Psst! Silence: a great collaborator

The pursuit of silence in a noisy world. When was the last time you worked together with a team of people in complete silence and didn’t utter a single word to communicate any of your brilliant thoughts and ideas? Never? Then you’re in for a treat.

Tired of always hearing the same voices in your design sprints? Having ‘Deja vu’ moments in your discovery sessions? Noticing similarities in your prototypes?

Working within a well-established team leads to well-established speaking roles. Usually the more extrovert and louder team members take most of the talking time. The quieter members of the team stay in the background and with them stay their ideas and opinions.

How about we all shut up for a while and tackle a task in absolute silence together? Not possible because we ‘need’ to communicate? Nothing will get done without ‘discussion’? Be surprised how different this experience will be. Come and enjoy a taste of silent collaboration. No words required.

About Ajara

Ajara has been designing and developing digital and analog products for twenty years. As a freelance Web Craftswoman she is contributing to make the web a beautiful place.

She is also an experienced educator – currently teaching at University Freiburg, Germany. She was part of the core group at ‘Frau und Technik’, one of the first tech schools ran by and for women. Besides teaching, she was leading educational and gender equality projects on a national and European level. Last year she joined the core team of Women’s Tech Hub Bristol and helped developing the ADiT concept – a series of modules to advance gender diversity in tech.

Having spent some years in India meditating, the practice of silence, presence and active listening is an integral part of her work and life. Opening silent spaces and share them with others brings her quiet joy.